The great qualities inherent in gardening are many and varied. Perhaps, the physical nature of gardening, working the earth, is the most precious of them all. Digging and planting with our bare hands, deep within the soil, whilst under the sun, are acts of timeless worship within the human spectrum. Gardening is all about the enjoyment of a healthy outdoors lifestyle. Vegetation is our source of so much nourishment on this blue planet spinning effortlessly within the Milky Way. Many religions say that god is a gardener; and that we are a part of his or her garden.

Top Tips To Enjoy A Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle

Creating beauty around your home or workplace in the form of a garden imbues your life with a further layer of meaning.  The cycles of nature are observed when you cultivate the earth and plant something in your garden. You are immediately part of something larger, outside of your more immediate concerns. This depth is balanced by the simplicity of the tasks demanded by the work. Gardening absolves us all of the need to endlessly think in circles. Dig, plant, water, weed, and repeat these acts of labour.

The vegetative realm is aesthetically pleasing, because nature is designed to be beautiful to our eyes. When we witness a perfect sunrise or sunset, we do not worry about how or why it was made, we accept it naturally. Spending more time in the garden, and in other natural environments, will have a positive effect upon your psyche. You will accept nature, life, and yourself, as they are. You will begin to understand the wisdom inherent in surrendering to what is, rather than endlessly desiring what is not. You will smile at the simplest manifestations of beauty.

The beauty of a smile is not in the aesthetic dental work, but in the opening up to love and expressing gratitude for the beauty of life. The garden will teach the madman and the monster to be humble in the presence of something beyond their ken. Your healthy outdoor lifestyle will point you in the right direction, before you transgress too far from nature. The city is a construct of busy human beings, avaristic beasts beating their drums. Step outside of the pressure cooker for a moment and enjoy the fragrant taste of paradise at your backdoor. These are some of my top tips to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle for all ages.