You have been hard at in the garden, transforming your piece of nature into something divine and wonderful. Now, you need to get rid of all the green waste properly, before you have finished your make-over. What are you going to do? What is the right way to manage this green waste, so that it ticks all the right environmentally friendly boxes? Obviously this major garden makeover has produced way too much for your green lidded bin alone. The very first inclination should be to attempt to attempt to reintroduce and recycle the green waste back into your home system.

Removing Green Waste Properly Following A Major Garden Makeover

Contacting a waste management service or garden service that can wood chip your unwanted green waste into valuable mulch is the smartest move. These services can also prune trees and grind stumps. Putting as much back into the same eco system as possible should be your goal. Think creatively about pathways and garden beds that could benefit from this green waste used intelligently. Sometimes, we are too quick to just throw things away, without realising their valuable place in the greater scheme of things.

Some Sydney councils offer a free chipping and mulching service, like the City of Ryde. They will come to you and prune your branches and return it you as mulch in your garden. How does it get any better than that? Mulch stops the soil drying out and reduces the need for valuable water in the dryer months. Mulch reduces weeds; and keeps the soil temperature constant. Mulch makes it all better! So, get mulching friends. Of course, there are rules governing really big trees, so check out your local council’s website for the information on this.

Get a green waste management Sydney service to help those who cannot take advantage of a free council service in this regard. Removing green waste following a major garden makeover is not going to be too hard, but it might pay to shop around for rates. Please make sure that you vet the waste management service about what they do with the green waste. Don’t suffer from out of sight, out of mind syndrome, when it comes to our environment. We all live on this planet, maybe further down the street or in another suburb, but it catches up with us all eventually.